The Heating Stone

Electric heating in natural stone

Natural and efficient, our radiators and heated towel rails are carved from the very heart of the rock.

Discover our three types of Natural Stone:
Granite, Marble and Travertine.

Stone electric heating: a durable product

Passionate about Nature, we design an electric heater in Natural Stone. In fact, all of our radiators et towel dryer in Stone are cut in Marble, Granite or Travertine.

Each Natural Stone is unique. The stone radiator is not a standard product, it comes directly from Nature.

The Heating Stone contains only 4 components. The only electronic component is the thermostat which is remote. We wanted to design a natural and timeless product that resists the test of time.

Energy savings thanks to Natural Stone

The inertia and the radiance of the stone makes you save up to 35% compared to a conventional electric heater.

    • inertia : the inertia maintains the temperature of the radiator, even when the power supply is cut off. This is possible thanks to the density of the Stone;
    • thermal radiation : thanks to the insertion of the resistance in the heart of the Stone, the heat transfer takes place by radiation. The Heating Stone imitates the sensation of heat from the sun's rays. There is no convection which dries the air;
    • Optimization of heat transfer : the presence of biosoluble insulation at the back of the heater channels the heat to the front of the heater. This substantially increases the energy efficiency of the heater.

Mass inertia

A 3 centimeter stone stores heat even when the power supply is cut.

Thermal rays

Radiation heats solid bodies without drying the air. The heat is identical to that of the sun's rays.

A climb in temperature

The Stone rises very quickly in temperature thanks to the insertion of a resistance in the heart of the Stone.

35% savings

The radiation and the inertia of the Stone give off healthy heat and help you save energy.

Make your choice !

  1. Choose between the two categories : electric radiator or electric towel rail;
  2. Choose from 5 types of Natural Stone : Travertine, White Grey, Verde Guatemala or Black Galaxy;
  3. Choose the size and power of your heater : from 500W to 1500W;
  4. Choose the laying direction : all our electric radiators can be placed horizontally or vertically (this is possible thanks to the absence of convection);
  5. And why not a wall composition?  Create wall compositions by placing several Heating Stones on the same wall (radiators and heated towel rails can be mounted in parallel).

Natural stone electric radiator (29)

Natural stone towel warmer (24)

Our stone radiator: a unique piece

Although our competitors use the term "stone radiator", they only sell partially stone products which are mass-produced. Conversely, we design a natural product that is not standardized. Each Natural Stone is unique with variations in color and structure

Until now, we had distributed this product locally through the family business Sodielec Berger. We have been installing this technology locally for our customers for more than 15 years.

This website now allows us to distribute our product without intermediary throughout France. This is what allows us to offer you excellent value for money.

A robust and durable design

Our products are made to last. With 4 components, the design is simple and effective:

  1. A natural stone 3 centimeters thick;
  2. Resistance in Kanthal inserted into the stone is an alloy of iron, chrome and aluminum. Indestructible, it is used for very high temperature industrial ovens;
  3. Safety klixons are easily interchangeable. They make it possible to regulate the surface temperature of the stone;
  4. The back insulation is a biosoluble and biobased material. It channels radiation forward to improve energy efficiency.

In summary: why choose natural stone heating?

  • Low energy consumption : inertia and thermal radiation allow energy savings of 35% compared to a conventional convector;
  • healthy heat : the hygrometry is stable and the atmosphere is not suffocating because there is no convection;
  • Thermal comfort : the large radiation surface allows a homogeneous diffusion of the heat and the mass inertia keeps the Stone warm;
  • Natural and reliable : we only use the characteristics of Natural Stone. The risks of failure are therefore extremely low;
  • Well-being : appreciated by followers of Feng Shui, our heating brings a touch of naturalness to your interior;
  • Quality / price ratio : we distribute this stone electric heating without intermediaries. You only pay for the product and not the distribution network.

Our best sellers

The White Gray | 750W – 60x60cm


All our radiators can be installed horizontally or vertically.

The Verde Guatemala | 1100W – 42x130cm


All our radiators can be installed horizontally or vertically.

The Travertine | 1500W – 60x130cm


All our radiators can be installed horizontally or vertically.

The Imperfects

Our heating is natural, it was shaped by Nature. Some Stones therefore have small "defects" but which do not affect the operation of the heating. We called these products The Imperfects. We apply a discount on these products.

The satisfaction of our customers is a major concern. We know that The Imperfects are very divisive products. Some hate them, others love them.

a story since 1937

A family business since XNUMX

The Pierre Chauffante is a radiator or an electric heated towel rail cut from Natural Stone. It is a real block of stone that heats up thanks to an electrical power supply.

Electricians and heating engineers since 1937, we have offered this stone heater to our most loyal customers in Alsace. Faced with strong enthusiasm, we recently decided to offer it to the whole of France.