Natural Stone

Electric heating in natural stone

Natural and efficient, our radiators and heated towel rails are carved from the very heart of the rock.

Discover our three types of Natural Stone:
Granite, Marble and Travertine.

Stone electric heating

Passionate about Nature, we design an electric heater in natural stone. Indeed, all our stone radiators and heated towel rails  are cut directly into Granite, Marble or Travertine. 

Simple and natural, raw stone is the main component of our heater. 95% of the weight thus comes from Natural Stone.

Each Natural Stone is unique. The stone radiator is not a standard product, it comes directly from Nature.

Natural and efficient electric heating

Heating comfort and energy saving are possible thanks to the natural stone radiator. Two factors explain this:

  1. the thermal characteristics of Natural Stone : almost perfect emissivity, good inertia and high thermal conductivity;
  2. fusion of the core and the heating body : the resistance is inserted within the rock. It is the Stone itself that radiates.

No more "toaster" effect, the electric heater stays hot for a long time and energy consumed is retransmitted in the form of radiation.

Find the right heater for your home decor

At Chaleur Naturelle, the choice is yours.

  1. Start by choosing your category : radiator, heated towel rail or composition of radiators  
  2. Then choose your Natural Stone that best suits your home decor. 
  3. Choose your torque size x power depending on your energy needs and the space you have. 
  4. Choose your type of pose : horizontal, vertical, plinth or even diagonally . 

Our natural stone electric heating solutions

Natural stone electric radiator (29)

Natural stone towel warmer (24)

Our Natural Stone radiator: a unique piece with character

We are currently the only producers in France of stone heating. Although our competitors use the term "stone radiator", they only sell partially stone products which are mass produced. The low weight of these radiators makes it possible to unmask the deception. 

Conversely, we design a natural product that is not standardized, that does not have a barcode. Each Natural Stone is unique with variations in color and structure. This is precisely what makes us so proud of our product.

The stone radiator: pure efficiency.

  • Low energy consumption : it is the whole Stone which radiates thanks to the fusion of the core and the heating element. There is no heat transfer;
  • Gentle heat : the hygrometry is stable and there is no movement of dust because there is no convection; 
  • Thermal comfort : the large radiation surface allows a homogeneous diffusion of the heat and the mass inertia keeps the Stone warm;
  • Robustness : we only use the characteristics of Natural Stone. The risks of failure are therefore extremely low;
  • Wellness : appreciated by followers of Feng Shui, our heater brings a touch of naturalness to your interior.


The Travertine | 1500W – 60x130cm


All our radiators can be installed horizontally ou vertically.

The Verde Guatemala | 1100W – 60x90cm


All our radiators can be installed horizontally ou vertically.

The White Gray | 750W – 36x130cm


All our radiators can be installed horizontally ou vertically.

a story since 1937

Time-tested simplicity

Based in Alsace, we have been electrical installers from generation to generation since 1937.

Thanks to our experience in the field, we have found that electric heaters waste a lot of energy and lack originality. This is the reason why we decided to produce an inertia heater that is both very efficient and aesthetic.

We have been producing these inertia radiators and electric towel rails for 15 years now.