Optimal efficiency

A single obsession: to produce low-consumption electric heating

Nature is of paramount importance to us and we want to preserve it. We know that the energy we use to run our heating has an ecological impact. This is why our efforts have focused on the design of a low-consumption electric heater. Our goal is simple: to optimize the energy consumed while guaranteeing you optimal heating comfort.

To create such a product, we brought together a multitude of know-how: 

      • Our field experience: we are electricians and heating engineers since 1937 and know the problems of the building world;
      • Skills in thermodynamics: we were accompanied by engineers to choose the most relevant materials;
      • The know-how of the quarry workers: we have designed our Natural Stone heating alongside them according to very precise specifications to develop a product as efficient as possible.
Natural stone radiator test

The intrinsic qualities of Natural Stone

The Natural Stone of our heating system is cut from the very heart of the rock. We thus preserve all the properties of Marble, Granite and Travertine and draw the best from Nature. Because we take care not to distort the structure of the Stone,  we only use the aesthetic and technical characteristics of our Natural Stones. Thus, our heating is cut within the rock itself and 95% of its weight comes from the stone.

Many of the very big brands producing “stone radiators” or “lava stone radiators” press the stone into moulds. This completely destroys the crystal system of the Stone. The qualities specific to Natural Stone are thus lost. 

Travertine quarry

Designed to guarantee you the best thermal comfort

Design as well as the intrinsic qualities of the Natural Stone make it possible to maximize the radiation and the inertia of the electric heating. Our low-consumption radiators and our heated towel rails are designed to provide you with gentle warmth. We spend an average of 18:39 p.m. a day in our accommodation. It was therefore crucial for us to design a heater that maximizes your well-being. 

Let's get to the point: Why is our Natural Stone heater superior?   

  • Stone heating restores 95% of the energy in the form of influence. It is not the air that is heated but directly objects and people
  • Associated with a very good inertia, the radiation makes it possible to ensure a thermal homogeneity within the room (you will no longer have cold feet)
  • Natural Stones were chosen because the wavelengths associated with their influence are optimal. Like the sun's rays, the heat penetrates deep into the epidermis and really warms you up.  
  • Our obsession with minimizing convection phenomena allows you to access a hygrothermal comfort 


It should be noted that thermal comfort is closely linked to energy savings. With the radiance so specific to Natural Stone, the thermal sensation is 3°C higher. You save energy and your atmosphere is not heavy.  

Gentle, even heat

Low consumption electric heating: comparison with a classic dry inertia radiator

Dry inertia radiators are among the the most efficient radiators on the market. But among the range of low consumption inertia radiators, our Natural Stone radiator remains much more efficient. 

The very design of our heating makes our product much more efficient than conventional dry inertia radiators.

Finally, the very nature of the materials makes a big difference. In addition to being unique, our Natural Stones have a better heat radiation and a well better inertia than artificial materials. 

the advantages of natural stone electric radiators

The resistance is inserted directly into the heart of the stone. The Stone restores to 95% radiant energy.

convective heat

The separation of the body and the heating core transforms a large part of the energy absorbed into convective heat.