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a story that begins in the heart of the Jura

The search for natural heat

Nature lovers, we often venture into the mountains and spend a lot of time with it.
It was during a winter hike in the wilderness that we came up with an idea. After an intense effort, we decided to take a break on a cliff to watch the sunset.

As we sat down on the stone, we noticed that a gentle warmth emanated from the rock. The rock on which we sat had stored the sun's rays for long hours and was now gradually emitting the heat it had stored with the sun's rays.

This heat challenged us. As electricians and heating engineers, we had sold many types of heating over the past decades. But none of them gave off a warmth as soft and pleasant as this stone on which we were sitting.

The idea began to germinate in our heads: why not design an electric heater that emits such gentle heat? At the time, we had studied many types of heating and produced a multitude of prototypes. They were all very efficient but we did not find this warmth so soft. It was then that we came up with the idea of ​​an electric heater that is 100% natural stone.

By integrating an electric resistance in the heart of the stone, we find again this so soft heat: the Natural Heat.