Serving our customers since 1937

Electricians and heating engineers for 4 generations

We created Chaleur Naturelle to harness our passion for heating that has been passed down for four generations. Our society Sodielec Berger was founded in 1937 in Alsace. For more than 80 years, we have served our customers with passion and enthusiasm and have developed a fine expertise in the field of heating that we now want to pass on to as many people as possible.

Old Sodielec photo

A simple observation

The story began more than 15 years ago with a simple observation: the lack of alternatives in the field of heating heating. Indeed, our customers were often frustrated by the products we offered them. The radiator is an imposing piece and has a significant visual impact on interior decoration. However, all radiators on the market look alike. Why ? Because they are produced by a few large industrial groups that dominate the market and never question themselves.

Sodielec history

The origins of the natural stone radiator

Based on this observation, we wanted to find a solution. Our goal was simple: to produce reliable, efficient and stylish electric heating. We teamed up with an engineer specializing in thermodynamics to conceptualize this new heater. The combination of our skills in electrical engineering and thermodynamics have enabled us to create an object that is both functional and elegant: the Natural Stone heater. 

Testing at the time of radiator design

Why Natural Stone?

Above all, we wanted to meet the needs of our customers and design a product that meets a dual objective: 

  • Impeccable efficiency from an energy point of view. Too often electric heaters waste energy. Our Natural Stone radiators are among the most efficient on the market and will make you energy savings 
  • A unique and elegant design. Above all, we wanted to design an elegant piece that brings a touch of timeless refinement to the interior decoration of our customers. But what excites us above all is that each of our heating solutions is unique and brings a je ne sais quoi to the decoration of our customers.
Electric Radiator in Natural Stone, Verde Guatemala Marble