A unique design

Section of an electric heater
in natural stone

Electricians from generation to generation since 1937, we have developed a reliable and efficient product thanks to our experience in the field.

The design of the heatsink results in excellent energy efficiency. Inserted within the rock itself, the resistance, which has an unfailing longevity, merges with the heating body that is the Natural Stone.

This unique design provides excellent radiation, much better than dry inertia radiators on the market.

Cutaway natural stone electric heater

A filling cement

covers the whole and guarantees the homogeneity of the temperature in the radiator.

Resistance in Kanthal

is made of an alloy of chrome iron and aluminum (FeCrAl). It is deposited in the bottom of the groove. The Kanthal resistor is usually used in high temperature industrial furnaces (up to 1250°C) because the melting point of the Kanthal alloy is 1350°C.

A sheet of biosoluble insulation

is glued to the back of the radiator. The heat radiation is thus concentrated on the front of the device in order to maximize energy efficiency. This insulation board is part of the new generation of environmentally friendly insulation based on biosoluble fibers. 

Stone Heating

is 3 centimeters thick. It is grooved at the back to accommodate the resistance in Kanthal. Thanks to safety klixons, the surface temperature of the Natural Stone is limited to 80°C.

Fixing the natural stone heater

The Natural Stone radiator is a product with excellent mass inertia. But this does not prevent the fixing of the radiator on all supports, even the most fragile.

For a harmonious distribution of the mass, the radiator is delivered with supports allowing to distribute the weight of the Stone on the wall. There are between 4 and 8 supports delivered with the heater depending on the power chosen.

We have also designed these supports to allow total freedom in the installation of the product. The radiator can be placed vertically, horizontally or even diagonally.

Back of the natural stone radiator

Biosoluble fiber insulation

to concentrate the radiation on the front of the device and maximize the radiative efficiency


between 4 and 8 depending on the chosen power

Natural stone

Marble, Granite or Travertine (raw stone 3 centimeters thick)

Junction box

Power supply cable

Wall bracket

Heater connection

The back box is designed for the connection of the radio receiver of Delta Dore which comes with our products. The connection box also allows the serial connection several natural stone radiators.

You will also notice the presence of two safety klixons whose objective is to limit the surface temperature of the radiator to a maximum of 80°C.

The connection box has been developed to be connected to the power supply and the thermostat in a few minutes.

Connection box wiring diagram
Natural stone radiator connection box

Surface thermal protection

maximum surface temperature 80°: 10/250~, 16/250~ / T210°C, 80°C

Phase Connection Wago: L

Neutral Connection Wago: N

Earth Connection Wago

Resettable thermal protection

red button: 10/250~, 16/250~ / T210°C, 130°C

Resistor Connection Wago

Bridge to remove for wiring a receiver

Power cable

Receiver Wiring Outlet

Wiring outlet for serial laying

Dimensions and weights of our electric heating solutions

All our Natural Stones are available in 7 sizes:

    • 100 x 30 centimeters for a power of 500W;
    • 85 x 50 centimeters for a power of 750W;
    • 60 x 60 centimeters for a power of 750W;
    • 130 x 36 centimeters for a power of 750W;
    • 90 x 60 centimeters for a power of 1100W;
    • 130 x 42 centimeters for a power of 1100W;
    • 130 x 60 centimeters for a power of 1500W.

All our radiators and towel warmers are available in these 7 sizes except for the size 85 x 50 centimeters for the towel warmer. Please also note that all our radiators can be placed horizontally and vertically.

La distribution of the various fixing points allows a distribution of the weight of the heating which can be placed on almost all the walls, in particular on the placo. The natural stone radiator and heated towel rail are only 4 centimeters from the wall, which makes it possible to obtain a sober and discreet final result.

natural heat thickness

Space with the wall

4 centimeters

stone width

3 centimeters

Total width

7 centimeters

A unique design that allows a multitude of poses

Horizontal installation of the natural stone radiator

Horizontal laying

Diagonal installation of the natural stone radiator

Diagonal laying

Vertical installation of the natural stone radiator

Vertical laying

180° rotation of the natural stone radiator

180° rotation

Thanks to a non-existent convective air flow, the Natural Stone radiator can be placed both vertically and horizontally. You are free to install it as you wish because the product does not have a predefined direction of installation. You can also orient your radiator according to the structure and veining of the Natural Stone.

Certification of our natural stone heating

Natural stone radiator certification

Natural stone radiator certification

IPX4 : Protected against splashing water from all directions.

Class 1 : Equipment with functional insulation and earthing of metallic masses. Automatic cut-off of the power supply by earthing and associated automatic differential protection device. Minimum safety distance of more than 60 centimeters with a shower or bathtub.

Power supply 230V~ AC 50hz single phase.